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Top Ten: Black List

This Friday’s Top Ten features a two-for-one offer. Every year, a list is compiled of the most-liked scripts currently in circulation. The list is put together following a survey of over 500 production company and film financiers executives, who vote for their favourite as-yet-unmade screenplays. While the list has showcased Oscar-winners and blockbuster hits, many remain unproduced. And of … Continue reading

Top Ten: Frozen (And Other Highest Grossing Films)

Yes, you read that right. The animated blockbuster Frozen (which is still storming the charts, making a total of $1,072,402,000 since its release in November) has now snuck onto the list of the Top Ten highest grossing films of all time. Pretty impressive, huh? If you wondered what other films make the grade, the full list is as follows: … Continue reading

Top Ten: Those Were The Days

It was my grandmother’s funeral today, so this week’s Top Ten is in her honour. Born at the height of the Roaring Twenties into a sleepy part of England, she would not have been aware of the lure of ’20s directly, but I like to imagine that she would have enjoyed the era had she … Continue reading

Top Ten: Maybe Movies

Many a brilliant concept has failed to make the leap from page to screen, falling foul of money/casting/personality clash woes. This week’s Top Ten (compiled by Simon Braund at Publishers Weekly) imagines what might have happened if the fates had been kinder… 1. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune 2. Giraffes on Horseback Saddles 3. Kubrick’s Napoleon 4. … Continue reading

Top Ten: Super Keen

This week’s Top Ten comes courtesy of Time Out London who are playing a very long game and have placed their bets on the Oscar contenders for 2015. Yes, that is the ceremony that’s over 350 days away… Seems like a massive long shot, but I guess I will have to check back in a … Continue reading

Top Ten: Oscar Wishlist

With the Oscars coming up on Sunday, this week’s Top Ten is my list of who I would have nominated for Best Picture, if it were down to me! I have also ranked them in order of preference (as of today), not alphabetically: 1. Short Term 12 2. Dallas Buyers Club 3. Inside Llewyn Davis … Continue reading

Top Ten: Past Oscar Might-Have-Beens

Following on from last week’s post on Best Film winners, this week’s post is on those films that didn’t quite make it on the night. Switching from the BAFTAs to the Oscars, Empire has put together a list of 10 nominees for Best Picture that history forgot. Of these, I’ve only heard of one, but I quite … Continue reading

Top Ten: Past BAFTA Winners

In the run up to the BAFTAs, I had a quick flick back through the past winners of the Best Film Award. There have been some cracking films over the years – from Bridge Over the River Kwai to Ben-Hur, Lawrence of Arabia and My Fair Lady – but I have limited my list to … Continue reading

Top Ten: Cameron Crowe’s Playlist

This week’s Top Ten is courtesy of Cameron Crowe (via Empire magazine) – a list of his favourite musical moments in film. And while he starts off by pointing out that “the first thing to remember about any top ten list is that it is not to be trusted”, it is at least a nice snapshot into his … Continue reading

Top Ten: Festival Films

Following on from last week’s Top Ten focusing on films to watch at Sundance, this week’s list looks at films that have made their break at festivals, Sundance included: 1. Being John Malkovich 2. Barton Fink 3. Sideways 4. The Beach 5. Reversal of Fortune 6. The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada 7. Nurse Betty … Continue reading