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Bedtime Reading

After a rather long day of work followed by four-hour choir rehearsal, I was very much looking forward to sleep tonight. However, I made the foolish error of checking my post before my head hit the pillow and found the latest issue of Empire lying in wait. Half an hour later and I’ve been confronted … Continue reading

Calling In A Favour

Every now and again, a film comes along that will make people give their all to see it made, whatever the personal cost. Dallas Buyers Club is apparently one such film. I knew that McConaughey had put his health on the line when preparing for the part. What I didn’t realise was that it came … Continue reading

Review: Nebraska

I missed this film when it first came out, so was thrilled to finally get a chance to catch up on it tonight. (Not least because it was the last on my list of Oscar Best Picture winners to watch before Sunday!) Set in a bleak black-and-white American Midwest, this is a father-son buddy movie … Continue reading

Review: Her

Quite possibly my favourite Spike Jonze film yet. Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix star in a touchingly sweet (and scarily prescient) tale of love in a future age where computers have feelings and high-waisted trousers are back in vogue. Takes anthropomorphising your gadgets to a whole new level. Full review to follow.

Take Five: February 17-23

A snapshot of the week’s movie news: 1. Meryl Streep is to play Emmeline Pankhurst in Suffragette, adding to her list of British icons. 2. Celebrated cinematographer Roger Deakins won’t be returning for the next Bond film. 3. Patrick Hughes is in negotiations to direct planned Hollywood remake of The Raid. 4. The cast of the new Fantastic … Continue reading

How Did They Do That?

Ever wondered how Gravity is shot? Or maybe how performance capture actually works? Would you know a Vicon Cara if you saw one? In a set of three short clips, BBC Click takes a look behind the scenes at three of the latest visual effects technologies to grace our screens.  

Top Ten: Past Oscar Might-Have-Beens

Following on from last week’s post on Best Film winners, this week’s post is on those films that didn’t quite make it on the night. Switching from the BAFTAs to the Oscars, Empire has put together a list of 10 nominees for Best Picture that history forgot. Of these, I’ve only heard of one, but I quite … Continue reading

Future Proof

This weekend the BFI is hosting a unique three-day festival encouraging young filmmakers to get involved in the industry. According to the BFI, “each day will have a different focus (fiction, animation and documentary)”, with a wide variety of activities on offer, ranging from in-depth masterclasses to hands-on workshops, screenings of the best new films … Continue reading

Rounding Up

The voting stage of the Jameson Empire Awards closes tomorrow, so I got in just in time. All my choices for this year are fairly mainstream, except probably Best Film. My suggestions are as follows: Best Male Newcomer: George MacKay Best Female Newcomer: Lupita Nyong’o Best Sci-fi / Fantasy: Gravity Best Comedy: The World’s End … Continue reading

Welcome to Y4K

James Cameron has announced that he’s considering filming Avatar 2 in ‘4K’. Just when I’d got my head around 48fps, why make things more complicated? In simple terms, 4K is just a horizontal digital resolution of 4000 pixels. Obvs. For a more technical jargon-filled explanation, head this way.