A friend recently told me that I should put some of my frequent film-related ramblings into written form, so here we are.

Growing up in the middle of nowhere without a television, video player or nearby cinema, I can count on one hand (or maybe two) the number of films I saw before the age of 15 (and that includes Babe: Pig In The City and Toy Story (twice)). While babysitting, I then discovered the rest of the Disney back catalogue and bad-Friday-night-TV-thrillers in equal measure, but it wasn’t until I started university in Edinburgh that I fully realised what I had been missing out on.

Within a few weeks, every Wednesday and Friday afternoon I would ditch the library for the cinema and devour everything that came my way. After little more than a month, I was properly hooked. I wasn’t fussy – epic war stories, sweeping dramas, moody noir, art-house classics, French comedies, action greats (Infernal Affairs was a stand-out) and not-so-greats, musicals, chick flicks – you name it (with the possible exception of horror), I watched it. I encountered midnight releases (memorably Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2, my joint first 18-certificate), whiled away Sunday afternoons at the Cameo (I was a wreck after watching Casablanca and Brief Encounter in quick succession) and spent Friday evenings in the care of friends who attempted to overcome the mammoth task of educating me on every film released before 2000.

In the years since then, films have got me through lonely nights in a new city, provided the backdrop to both first dates and break-ups, cemented friendships old and new, and much much more. This blog is therefore a long overdue attempt to document my (probably unhealthy) obsession with all things cinema, and wherever it takes me next.

For further details about me, please see twitter.com/rtfenton

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