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Review: Divergent

Surprisingly satisfactory teenage sci-fi flick. If you can get past the extremely unlikely initial premise, the film ticks along at a pretty smart pace and even manages to (just about) hold its own in the Hunger Games arena. Worth a watch if you like this sort of thing. Three stars. Full review to follow. Advertisements

Top Ten: Black List

This Friday’s Top Ten features a two-for-one offer. Every year, a list is compiled of the most-liked scripts currently in circulation. The list is put together following a survey of over 500 production company and film financiers executives, who vote for their favourite as-yet-unmade screenplays. While the list has showcased Oscar-winners and blockbuster hits, many remain unproduced. And of … Continue reading

A Brief History of Film

A bit of fun for a Thursday: 136 years of film history condensed into a mere three minutes, as compiled by SlashFilm reader Scott Ewing. Definitely one for the #throwbackthursday hashtag…

Setting The Screen

Demonstrating a lovely bit of filmmaking whimsy, the lovely people at SlashFilm have put up a copy of the instructions given by Wes Anderson to projectionists showing his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. As the film intentionally uses three distinct aspect ratios, he is obviously even more keen than normal that it is screened … Continue reading

Idle Impressions

Just a quick one for today: In the new X-Men film, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender play younger incarnations of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Seems that they both do pretty good impressions of their older counterparts. Oh, and Hugh Jackman joins in…

Festival En Francais

Having just spent the evening planning a weekend break en Paris, I had France on my mind already when I stumbled across news of a little bit of of the City of Light right here in London Town. From April 23-30, UniFrance Films presents Rendezvous with French Cinema in the UK. Offering a selection of … Continue reading

Take Five: March 31-April 6

A snapshot of the week’s movie news (exclusively featuring a slew of sequels and reboots): 1. Head honcho Kevin Feige reveals that Marvel’s film canon plans extend to at least 2028. 2. Filming has restarted on Fast & Furious 7, following a hiatus after the death of star Paul Walker. 3. Jerry Bruckheimer provides possible plot details … Continue reading

Review: Under The Skin

Part sci-fi, part horror, part mystery and unlike anything I have seen in recent years (if at all), I found this film intriguing if not entirely enjoyable. Scarlett Johansson is mostly plausible as a white-van (wo)man who drives around Scotland in search of hapless men on which to prey. But it is her increasing wonder for the lifeforms she … Continue reading

Top Ten: Frozen (And Other Highest Grossing Films)

Yes, you read that right. The animated blockbuster Frozen (which is still storming the charts, making a total of $1,072,402,000 since its release in November) has now snuck onto the list of the Top Ten highest grossing films of all time. Pretty impressive, huh? If you wondered what other films make the grade, the full list is as follows: … Continue reading

Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel’s latest offering may not be quite as wonderful as its immediate forerunners (Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World), but it’s still pretty damn enjoyable. A light-hearted caper with an (uncaped) crusader for truth, justice and the American Way. Full review to follow.