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Review: The Face of An Angel

Fascinating, if flawed, insight into the role of celebrity in a murder trial, based loosely on the Amanda Knox case. Like the director of this film-within-a-film, it never quite reaches the lofty ambitions it sets itself, but it makes an interesting point nonetheless. Three stars. Advertisements

Review: Testament of Youth

Heartbreaking true story of the early life of a young Vera Brittain, bringing the human costs of World War One into stark focus. Excellent starring performance from Alicia Vikander in her English-language debut. Four stars. Full review to follow.

Ten Hours, One Cinema, Three Films

So, here we are. The last day of The BFI London Film Festival 2014, and I find myself in the Odeon West End ready to watch three films in quick succession. Sad as it may be, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon ūüôā

Review: The Old Lady

A paean to Paris apartments, with a liberal sprinkling of the ever-acerbic Maggie Smith. What more could you want?! Four stars. Full review to follow…

Review: Wild

Although the plot is often even more ponderous than Reese Witherspoon’s aching feet, the empathy for the character is genuine, and the camera work stunning. Four stars. Full review to follow…

Review: Rosewater

Gael Garcia Bernal excels in this eye-opening drama with exquisite comic turns. Brings a harrowing story to life with sensitivity and style. Accomplished directorial debut from Jon Stewart. Five stars. Full review to follow.

Review: The New Girlfriend

Deliciously French subversive comedy from the director of Potiche. While maybe not to everyone’s tastes, this short, sharp drama is nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable. Four stars. Full review to follow…

Review: The Imitation Game

Devastating, beautiful, entrancing, engaging, inspiring. The film that Enigma should have been. Absolutely and most definitely five stars. Full review to follow…

Review: Divergent

Surprisingly satisfactory teenage sci-fi flick. If you can get past the extremely unlikely initial premise, the film ticks along at a pretty smart pace and even manages to (just about) hold its own in the Hunger Games arena. Worth a watch if you like this sort of thing. Three stars. Full review to follow.

Review: Under The Skin

Part sci-fi, part horror, part mystery and unlike anything I have seen in recent years (if at all), I found this film intriguing if not entirely enjoyable. Scarlett Johansson is mostly plausible¬†as a white-van (wo)man¬†who drives¬†around Scotland in search of hapless men on which to¬†prey. But it is her increasing wonder for the lifeforms she … Continue reading