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Top Ten: Disney Ditties

This week’s Top Ten comes courtesy of Time Out London’s film team – they have compiled a list of the Top Ten most annoying Disney songs. While I’m not sure I 100% agree (I have rather a soft spot for Under The Sea), I reckon Tom Huddleston, who wrote the feature, is bang on with … Continue reading

Reading Material

I was in Foyles bookshop yesterday killing time before my first Christmas party of the season and found a copy of David Thomson’s new book on the history of movies, The Big Screen, which has recently been published in paperback. Judging by the many accolades on the back cover, and if the introductory chapter is … Continue reading

Going, Going, Gone

Tickets to the Python reunion concert announced last week apparently sold out in 43.5 seconds. Four further dates were promptly added, which also sold out in under an hour. Looks like I’ll be sticking with the DVD…

Take Five: November 18-24

A snapshot of the week’s movie news: 1. Surprising no-one, Sherlock is definitely not dead and is set to return for Series 3. 2. Duncan Jones has pulled out of the planned Ian Fleming biopic due to conflicts with his Warcraft commitments. 3. Storyboard released of first two minutes of The Worlds End. 4. Christian … Continue reading

Not Dead, Only Resting…

The surviving members of the Monty Python gang announced earlier today that they are planning a live one-off reunion gig at London’s O2 in July 2014, their first in more than 30 years. The group have promised to perform “some of [their] greatest hits, with modern, topical Pythonesque twists” in an attempt to see if … Continue reading

Classic Review: Restrepo

After watching Life & Times a few weeks ago, I thought I’d give the documentary that started it all a watch. It didn’t disappoint. Condensing the events of one year’s deployment into a tense 93 minutes, the film charts the lives of a platoon of US soldiers in the “deadliest place on Earth”, the Korangal … Continue reading

Unnecessary Sequel Alert

2015 appears to be turning into the year of the sequel, adaptation and lets-all-jump-on-the-franchise-bandwagon film. And there has been another one added to the mix. In news that nobody wants to hear, classic Christmas morality tale It’s A Wonderful Life is to spawn a follow-up. Frank Capra would be turning in his grave. Let’s hope … Continue reading

Take Five: November 11-17

I was in cinema-exile over the weekend and couldn’t blog, so this week’s news round-up is a little late. Still, better late than never! 1. JJ  Abrams posts first behind-the-scenes pic of Star Wars Episode 7 2. Night of the Doctor mini-episode previews 50th anniversary 3. Mission: Impossible 5 joins year of cinematic madness with 2015 release date  … Continue reading

Top Ten: Fongool, I’m Sandra B

After watching Gravity last weekend, this week’s Top Ten is all about Sandra Bullock. A popular actress, albeit not famed for picking the best films in which to star, I thought I’d seen a good many films with her in a starring role. The first four or five were easy, but putting together a Top … Continue reading

Smile Like You Mean It

This week has been a poor week in my film world – with all the studios running scared of Gravity’s audience pulling power, there haven’t been any new releases for me to watch. And I am busy over the weekend, so won’t get to a cinema for at least another four days. To keep me … Continue reading