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Review: One Chance

I am not a fan of Simon Cowell Inc, so I was unsure whether to give this film – a biopic of the first winner of Britain’s Got Talent, Paul Potts – even one chance. Thankfully, Cowell hardly gets a look in.

Instead, this film focuses on Potts’ (James Corden) early life and how an accident-prone mobile phone salesman became an international opera star. Corden is likeable, if not standout, as the perennially bullied kid who wants to break out of his small-town world, but finds that nerves get the better of him at crucial moments. He even appears to sing opera* relatively well. The supporting cast – including his other half Jules (Alexandra Roach), best friend (Mackenzie Crook) and mum (Julie Walters) – seems to be out to prove that Britain does have talent, as least in the acting stakes, and some of the overhead landscape shots neatly capture the bleakness of Welsh industry.

Sadly, maybe because we all know what is coming, the film rather fizzles out towards the end, but even if you don’t leave singing, you might just have a smile on your face.

Having stood outside the premiere in the rain, it was nice to finally watch the film itself. Though, slightly disappointingly, there was no Harry Hill…

*although the vocals are actually of Potts himself

103 minutes | 12A | October 25
Watched: October 26, Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue, Screen 7


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