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Feeling Poor

With this month’s payday still a faint gleam in the distance, the last thing I would normally want to hear about is how so-and-so is rolling in cash. Unless, of course, the person in question is a celebrity, in which case it’s strangely compelling…

This week has seen the release of two lists of high-earners – the Forbes List of TV’s Highest Paid Actors and Heat Magazine‘s list of the 30 Richest Celebrities Under 30. The former list is once again topped by Ashton Kutcher (at $24 million) for his role in Two and a Half Men, but also includes personal favourites Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother* (in joint-fourth place at $15 million) and Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy (at $13 million). The latter list is headed by One Direction (which seems kind of cheating as there are five of them…), but the next four places are taken by actors and actresses Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Keira Knightley and Emma Watson. Others also making the (pay) grade are Rupert Grint (7th), Emily Blunt (12th), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (16th), Cary Mulligan (19th), Gemma Arterton (23rd) and Andrew Garfield (29th). Their wealth ranges from an astonishing £56.18 million for Radcliffe to a paltry-by-comparison-but-certainly-not-to-be-sniffed-at £5.02 million for Garfield.

This makes me realise two things. First, I obviously have a lot of catching up to do before my 30th birthday. And second, if the pennies run low in the next week, I know whose door I’ll be knocking on…

*NPH is also notable for being one of Hollywood’s few openly gay actors, but despite the cynics, this doesn’t appear to have affected his earnings in the least.


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