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Review: About Time

“How long will I love you? As long as stars are above you. And longer if I can”

So ends Richard Curtis‘s latest paean to love, family and all things England. Masquerading as a tale about time travel, About Time is a little bit of romance, a lot of comedy and all heart.

On turning 21, the well-mannered, but hapless Tim (Domhnall Gleeson in his first major role) is informed by his dad (the incomparable Bill Nighy) that he has the ability to time travel. Determined to use his new skill to turn his life around, he sets his sights on finding a girlfriend, and keeping her, by any means possible. So far, so Curtis.

However, this isn’t really a rom-com, at least not in the traditional sense – after her first few scenes, Rachel McAdams (as Tim’s girlfriend Mary) never gets much of a chance to shine. Instead, it’s really just an old-fashioned father/son buddy movie, and a damn good one at that. The now-to-be-expected supporting cast – ditzy sister, odd friends, crazy uncle, solid mum – are great, but they are all shunted out of the spotlight by Nighy and Gleeson, who sizzle in every scene.

While this is not Curtis’s finest hour (that accolade still goes to Notting Hill in my books), it is definitely an enjoyable addition to the canon. And even though you can see what’s coming a hundred miles off, I dare you not to cry…

123 mins | 12 | September 4
Watched: October 2, Cineworld Fulham Road (Screen 6)


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